Platinum Card

Daily limit $5,000

Card Features

Virtual Card

ZoomMe Global

Referral Reward Limit $20,000

Debit Round-Ups

Card Security Features

24/7 Support

ATM Access

Free Physical Card

Crypto Rewards 0.35%

Trading Fee Discount 35%

Required ZOOM Holdings 50k

Air Drop Eligible

Free Wire Transfer

Terms & Conditions

(1) Trading Fee Discounts: Preferred, Gold, Platinum, & Black cardholders who maintain the required number of ZOOM tokens for each trading fee discount level, and surrender ZOOM tokens at the time of placing trades on the exchange.
(2) AirDrop Eligible: CoinZoom Rewards Visa® Card Holders are eligible for new coin listing and other promotional airdrops.
(3) Debit Roundups: With CoinZoom's Debit RoudUp, each purchase you make with your CoinZoom Visa® debit card will be automatically rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount. The change is transferred into your fiat wallet each day. It can also be specified to automatically purchase cryptocurrencies on CoinZoom exchange each day.
(4) ZoomMe Global: Worldwide peer to peer fiat money transfer.