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Whether you're buying your first bitcoin, or you have been around since the very early days of crypto, CoinZoom has features and benefits you're going to love

A Secure, Highly Scalable, and User-Centric Cryptocurrency Platform

As cryptocurrencies gain more traction and acceptance as an asset class the demand for proven and higher performance platforms continue to rise. As a result, the market saw the launch of several new cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, not all trading platforms are created equal, nor they meet the requisite capabilities that users’ demand. CoinZoom has the leading platform which provides a complete solution for physical cryptocurrency trading.


A Secure, Highly Scalable, and User-Centric Cryptocurrency Platform

  • Market anonymity - all orders are sent to the trading platform anonymously
  • System availability, scalability, and recoverability, average uptime target goal is above 99.99%
  • Direct electronic access to the trading platform via Mobile, Desk Top or the Web. Trade on one any one of your devices and your trades are automatically updated on all of your devices
  • Advanced charting package
  • Advanced order entry system
  • Real-time profit and loss information
  • Algorithmic trading. Program your trading strategy using our client API to enter and exit trades automatically
  • Analytics with Historical Data
  • Live Order Flow Information
  • Real-time Depth of Market
  • Demo trading on Real-time data to practice your trading strategies
  • API available for connection with custom and third-party applications
  • Streaming news and fundamental research
  • Backed by stable and resilient infrastructure
  • Artificial Intelligence. CoinZoom AI scans all of the digital currency pairs in Realtime, searching for emerging patterns.
  • Secure Wallet – Two-factor authentication, multi-sig wallet
  • Competitive Pricing