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    Easily spend your fiat and crypto balances at over 53 Million Merchants

    Gateway for Digital Assets

    CoinZoom is bridging the gap between legacy FX, Futures, Stocks, & Banking to make
    digital assets available to the masses and experience the advantages of this new asset class


    Your crypto is secured and insured at multiple institutional qualified custodians. Fiat currency is held in...See more

    Regulated & Compliant

    Leveraging our decades of financial service and regulatory experience we’ve built an exchange..See more


    Recognize trading opportunities faster with our automated pattern recognition tools..See more

    Deep Liquidity

    Experience our vast network of market makers, OTC desks,
    and proprietary trading
    pools..See more

    Advanced Analytics

    A large and growing library of technical indicators, market studies and a variety of order types..See more

    CoinZoom Visa Card

    Instantly convert crypto to fiat, allowing global purchases at +53M locations..See more

    Premier Fiat Gateway

    Card to Crypto

    Use international cards to easily buy crypto

    Crypto to Card

    Instantly convert crypto to fiat and buy goods and services anywhere Visa cards are accepted


    Instant International Peer to Peer fiat or crypto money transfer. Did we mention its Free

    Multiple Payment Methods

    Fund your account with more than a dozen traditional and alternate payment methods

    Multi-Currency Support

    Fund your account in your local currency

    Exchange Platform

    Platform for Everyone

    A platform for everyone from high-frequency traders to casual investors. Our Desktop, Apple, and Android platforms have a solution for everyone. Plus, CoinZoom offers trading in over 40 cryptocurrencies and over 110 market trading pairs.
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