Managing Social for the UK Embassy: The Insider’s View

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    When it comes to social media management, people usually think of managing a brand’s profiles. But when people, especially those living outside of their home country, go looking for information, their local embassy is often one of the first destinations. And increasingly, that includes embassy’s social media accounts.

    If a brand accidentally tweets some misinformation, it’s a problem. But if a government agency puts out something factually inaccurate, it’s an incident.

    It requires an exceptionally high degree of vigilance for accuracy while balancing a role as an information center and still having fun, because government agency accounts still want followers after all.

    One of the people balancing all of these duties is Tereza Kosáková, who is the social media officer and deputy head of press and public affairs at the British Embassy in Prague.

    As someone who manages social media for an embassy, what are the key objectives for your team? What role do your channels play in connecting with UK citizens or even the Czech audience?

    In a hyper-connected world, social media has become the principal component of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office communications. As at the very heart of any diplomatic role, my main objective is delivering on the issues British people care about. Whether this is through raising awareness, changing perceptions, or encouraging behavior change, British Embassy Prague would not be able to do that without compelling communications. Social media is a vital tool of influence beyond traditional audiences like domestic politicians and it helps us to connect directly with both the Czech general public and Brits living in the Czech Republic. Social media allows us to become more accessible, visible, and transparent through open dialogue. Moreover, it offers a wide range of opportunities, which is why digital diplomacy has become one of the very core diplomatic skills of the 21st century.

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